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While it can be challenging to stick to a diet, Fat Tour helps you how to eat healthy and discover the world.

Fat Tour on a Cruise?

Learning how to eat healthy when you’re traveling on a cruise ship is our plan. The most significant reason is that you’re managing a chronic disease and you want to maintain the healthy habits you’ve created at home.

Other reasons for eating healthy on a cruise include keeping your immune system strong, not wanting to gain weight, wanting to maintain your weight, and wanting to feel energetic while traveling.

Sadly, though, cruise ship dining and health don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Be it with the 24-hour room service, the outrageously tempting dessert buffets, or simply the rich food, cruise ships have earned their reputation as potentially very unhealthy environments. I have fallen into the trap of eating too much on a cruise and then suffering the consequences of feeling less healthy and fit when I get home.

I started a cruise again but this time, I lost more than I could imagine.

I’m excited to report that after going on many cruises over the last two decades, I’ve came up with some strategies for how to eat healthy while cruising. I most certainly don’t eat perfectly while cruising (or any day for that matter), but I love coming home feeling good without feeling like I missed out on the culinary part of it.

Our plan is not based on starving or drill suffering diet plan. This ont Fat Camp.

This is Fat Tour

1. Disclose your dietary preferences at the time of booking

The benefit of disclosing your dietary preference at the time of booking is that we will notify the catering manager about your needs and he will make the appropriate orders.

Our Idea is to please you. Our desire is to show you that every single ingredient has a role to play. Why gluten or diary free ? What do your body really need ?

2. Eat every day

Salad bars on cruise ships are usually absolutely beautiful and full of fresh veggies and toppings. Take advantage of the salad bars and be sure to have a fresh green salad at least once a day to get healthy fiber and vegetables.

But what if you don't like eating salads ? What are yours favorite dishes, juicy hamburgers and crispy french fries ?

We have these too on board. But it tastes, made and served differently.

But once you taste them, you will not eat a burger the same way anymore.

3. Healthy snacks or staples

If you love a certain type of food or you have a strong preference for sweetness or something like that, you will have different snack times.

Again, it's all about moderation. We will bring more relevant information about sugar, salt and fat but the most important factor will be pleasure.

4. Steamed vegetables or sautéed

I prefer to have my fat in the form of butter on my baked potato, so I routinely asked for my veggies to be steamed instead of sautéed. In this way, by getting steamed vegetables you can also avoid some of the vegetable oils that are often used for cooking. However, the policy of the ship we use to make our Fat Tours take special care of todays cooking technics. 

My favorite dinners on-board are salmon with steamed vegetables and a baked potato and first of all juicy grilled lamb ribs.

5. Tea time baked sweets

Choose fruit instead. What a mojo! Afternoon tea can be tricky with so many sweets available. A healthier option is fruit or something with protein like a hard-boiled egg or nuts.  All sweets are served in reasonable portions. How to avoid greed? Fat Tours will teaches you how you can enjoy the sweetness.

6. Healthy (or healthy-ish) desserts

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to be abstinent in terms of dessert. I chose simply desserts like sorbets and gluten-free cookies as opposed to the richer cakes and ice creams. But when there's quality and pleasure, your body reacts differently. How are gonna lose all that over mass? Your health will start operating a U turn.

7. Minimize alcohol intake & drink enough water for you

Have a sip or a very small glass of red wine with lunch or dinner. What are the benefits of red wine (Adults). Alcoholic beverages are empty calories so going light on the drinking is a healthy choice. Our cruise had mineral water available. Hydration is important when traveling in general. More explanation on Tour about thirst and hydration.

8. Enjoy the Fat Tour !

I’m always about enjoying food and the experience of eating. Making healthier choices doesn’t take away any of the joy, especially if you’re easy on yourself and just do your best. Perfection is not the goal, but finding that balance between reasonable and indulgent is the challenge. Find a way to splurge a little bit every day or at every meal if you can.

Eating, laughing, dancing, playing, discovering, smiling, practicing, healing and enjoying the Fat Tour will be a style of life that you will be able to transpose once you get home.

97% of our participants since 2006 are fully satisfied and have lost weight very significantly. All of them started while cruising.

3% did not follow the plan on Cruise. They started a Cruise again. They succeed.

Why ? Is it true ?

We have so many little secrets for you that show how everyday can be healthier and how this world is waiting for you.

Let the world be yours now. 




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